Iran & Tehran GPS map for Garmin

If you want to go to Iran but couldn’t find a suitable map, here is the solution. Bring your Garmin along and download Iran & Tehran GPS map for Garmin. have released Tehran & Iran Navigation and Routable Map for Garmin. Coverage includes complete detailed maps of Tehran, Dizin ski resort, Karaj, Kerman, Bam, Semnan, Hamedan, Esfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz Ardabil, Uromiyeh (Urima), Shiraz, Ahvaz, Babol, Qeshm Island, Kish Island, Ghom, ….. and Iran roads complete map. This is the only truly accurate Iran GPS maps in the world.

The Iran maps are focused on comprehensive city street mapping with extensive points of interest and road mapping of the entire country. The Iran maps are available for purchase from or on CDROM, SD card or download.

Iran GPS Maps provide numerous attributes such as:
[list unordered]
Entire Iran Road Network including Expressways, Route ways, Highways, Freeways, and secondary paved roads.
Detailed Street level maps of Tehran and other cities.
Automatic street and intersection finding capabilities.
Street names and classifications.
Railroads and Airports.
Park, Water, & Landmarks.
Extensive Points of Interest including government offices, commercial buildings, POI search by name.
Turn-by-turn voice directions
Mapping/route guide
Free update for one year.

Iran GPS Map members can purchase goods from

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Blaupunkt’s ‘Dual View’ display

Blaupunkt’s new display system, ‘Dual View’ lets user to view two different images from the same screen, at the same time, depending upon the angle they view. This means the driver and the front passenger can see two distinct pictures when looking into the same display. It makes possible to see both entertainment programmes and sat nav navigator when viewed from passenger seat and driver seat respectively.

The model is been expected to be produced by next year and will be first introduced in high end car models like BMW 7 series.

Garmin Selects Intermap for 3D Models

Garmin Selects Intermap for 3D Models

Intermap Technologies today announced it has signed an agreement with Garmin to furnish 3D elevation data for the United States and Western Europe derived from its NEXTMap digital map database. Initial Garmin products utilizing these datasets are expected to reach the consumer market beginning in the first half of 2010.

“With our uniformly accurate and highly detailed elevation data, Garmin can upgrade maps in their outdoor GPS products, automotive portable navigation devices, and marine product lines,” commented Brian Bullock, Intermap’s president and CEO.”

Garmin Nuvi 1690T GPS

Garmin Nuvi 1690T Sat Nav System offers various facilities and functions that give more satisfactory experience. Its dimensions are 4.9 x 3.1 x .75 inches and weighs 6.2 ounces. It has a TFT screen with white backlight. The screen supports maximum resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. Touch screen interface offers more precise operation. It offers internal memory for storing all the maps. Furthermore storage space is facilitated with microSD card support. Basemap and Preloaded maps are included and you can even add your own maps in it. It is able to store 1000 Waypoints, favourites and important locations.

This Garmin satellite navigation device supports functions like Voice prompts, Lane assist, Auto sort multiple destinations, Auto re-route, Choice of route setup, Route avoidance, Bluetooth wireless technology, Garmin nLink Services, Speed limit indicator, Garmin Locate, ecoRoute, Qwerty, Custom POIs, Garmin Garage voices compatible, Photo navigation, World travel clock, currency & unit converter, calculator, Picture viewer and Garmin Lock. Bluetooth technology allows you hands-free calling. The device supports ‘Speaks street names facility’ which provides more information.

The Garmin Nuvi 1690T GPS System provides a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which delivers up to 4 hours battery life. It is highly compatible with Windows 2000 or later and Mac OS X 10.4 or later operating systems. Accessories included with the device are Preloaded City Navigator NT for Europe, Vehicle suction cup mount, Vehicle power cable, USB cable, Dashboard disc and Quick start manual. Free 1 year data subscription to Garmin nLink Services is offered by the company.

Smartphones are 15.4% of phone shipments

IDC: smartphones are 15.4% of phone shipments

According to IDC, the market research company, vendors shipped a total of 54.5 million units in the fourth quarter of 2009, up 39.0% from the same quarter a year ago. For the full year, vendors shipped a total of 174.2 million units in 2009, up 15.1% from the 151.4 million units in 2008. Converged mobile devices accounted for 15.4% of all mobile phones shipped in 2009, up slightly from 12.7% in 2008.

These figures are similar to IDC’s competitor Strategy Analytics that acknowledges 173.8 million units in 2009 and 53 million in the fourth quarter alone.

French Motorway and Orange to Develop Real-Time Traffic Info

French Motorway and Orange to Develop Real-Time Traffic Info
French Motorway operator ASF and Orange Business Services have joined forces to develop a solution to provide real-time traffic information.

The two companies have announced this week they have launched in December 2009 a one year experiment on nearly 1,200 kms of roads. The aim is to deliver real-time road traffic information on different types of road network: motorways, national and departmental highways and peri-urban express ways.

This solution, draws on the pooling of each partner’s information sources: in one hand traffic data collected in real time by ASF using sensors, traffic count stations, cameras and patrols carried out on its network; in the other hand Orange Labs is using GSM signal data on their mobile network to statistically estimate motorists’ speed via their mobile on all road networks.

The traffic information will be updated every six minutes said Orange in a press release.

Garmin Earth Imagery for Outdoor GPS

Garmin Launches Earth Imagery Subscription Service for Outdoor GPS

GPS Maker Garmin announced today that it will begin offering an annual subscription service to download highly detailed aerial and satellite imagery to a number of its outdoor GPS handheld. Called “BirdsEye Satellite and Aerial Imagery”, the service, to be available in March 2010 in the United States, costs .99 per year and allows the user unlimited downloads for a single Garmin device.

This imagery can be displayed on Garmin’s high-end outdoor handheld Oregon, Dakota, and Colorado series. The quality of the imagery is 0.5 meter per pixel resolution in many areas of the United States. Users can also view imagery at every zoom level – from 12 miles to 20 feet. BirdsEye Satellite Imagery also lets users overlay vector maps, to get a better idea of terrain contours and points of interest. The data is collected by DigitalGlobe, a leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery.

The European availability of this subscription has not been confirmed at this stage by Garmin.

In addition, Garmin has recently announced Custom Maps, a free utility that allows to transform paper and electronic maps into customized downloadable maps for Oregon, Dakota, or Colorado handhelds.

GPS in ten years

Just ten short years ago, a basic GPS system cost about ,500, and had to be professionally installed. GPS reception was spotty, and, by today’s standards, functionality was primitive at best.

Today, a self-contained, portable GPS complete with maps and preloaded with millions of points of interest costs well under 0. Maybe progress does come cheap after all?

Garmin brings car diagnostics to PNDs

Garmin brings car diagnostics to PNDs

At the CES trade this week Garmin is unveiling ecoRoute hd, a wireless device that transforms a nuvi personal navigation device into a “real-time onboard diagnostic computer”. ecoRoute hd module plugs into the vehicle’s standardized onboard diagnostics port (OBD II);t accurately calculates consumption data (to save gas and lower carbon footprint) and driver challenge scores (speed, acceleration, braking, etc.).

The system is expected to be available in March 2010 for a suggested retail price of 9.99. ecoRoute hd will be compatible with a large range of nüvi models, such as 1260, 1370, 1390, 1490 and 1690.