Iran & Tehran GPS map for Garmin

If you want to go to Iran but couldn’t find a suitable map, here is the solution. Bring your Garmin along and download Iran & Tehran GPS map for Garmin. have released Tehran & Iran Navigation and Routable Map for Garmin. Coverage includes complete detailed maps of Tehran, Dizin ski resort, Karaj, Kerman, Bam, Semnan, Hamedan, Esfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz Ardabil, Uromiyeh (Urima), Shiraz, Ahvaz, Babol, Qeshm Island, Kish Island, Ghom, ….. and Iran roads complete map. This is the only truly accurate Iran GPS maps in the world.

The Iran maps are focused on comprehensive city street mapping with extensive points of interest and road mapping of the entire country. The Iran maps are available for purchase from or on CDROM, SD card or download.

Iran GPS Maps provide numerous attributes such as:
[list unordered]
Entire Iran Road Network including Expressways, Route ways, Highways, Freeways, and secondary paved roads.
Detailed Street level maps of Tehran and other cities.
Automatic street and intersection finding capabilities.
Street names and classifications.
Railroads and Airports.
Park, Water, & Landmarks.
Extensive Points of Interest including government offices, commercial buildings, POI search by name.
Turn-by-turn voice directions
Mapping/route guide
Free update for one year.

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Smartphone up 32% in Europe

Smartphone up 32% in Europe
Market research firm ComScore today released a study of the smartphone market in Europe showing that smartphone adoption in the EU5 (U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy) has grown 32 percent versus a year ago to 51.6 million subscribers.

The U.K. market strongly leads in growth of smartphone adoption over the past year, growing 70 percent to more than 11 million subscribers. France ranks second in growth with the number of smartphone subscribers up 48 percent to 7 million. Meanwhile, Italy boasts the largest number of smartphone subscribers overall (15 million) but showed the softest growth in this market at 11 percent.

Asian Smartphone Shipments Quadruple

Asian Smartphone Shipments Quadruple
According to market research firm IMS, annual smartphone shipments to Asia are expected to more than quadruple between now and 2015, giving Asia 39% of smartphone shipments during 2015.

Overall shipments of smartphones are forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 25.9% between now and 2015.

According to IMS Research analyst Chris Schreck, “There are two key drivers for the booming Asian smartphone market. First, the cellular markets in China and India continue to develop, especially with 3G networks expanding in China and expected to rollout soon in India. The populations of these countries are significant enough to drive substantial smartphone growth, even if smartphones make up a relatively small portion of the country’s total handset shipments. Secondly, smartphones are becoming increasingly affordable. As the minimum hardware components required to support smartphone features continues to decline in price, smartphones have become mass market devices, rather than luxury purchases.”

170M Smartphones to be sold in 09

170M Smartphones to be sold in 09

Gartner reported yesterday stronger than expected mobile phones sales in 2009, with 1.214 billion units, a 0.67 per cent decline from 2008. Smartphone volumes will represent 14 per cent of total mobile devices sales in 2009 (170 million), growing by 23.6 per cent from 2008 and to 38 per cent by 2013.

However, said Gartner, “this positive outlook [for Smartphones] could be negatively impacted by mobile operators’ decision to associate all smartphones with high flat-rate data plans, which could increase the total cost of ownership beyond mass-market consumer acceptance.”

Gartner 170M Smartphones to be sold in 09